The Moment

As a musician, I've been influenced by many great artists throughout my life. But like every other Gen X youth the man who inspired me to steal my dads guitar would have to be Stevie Ray Vaughan.

I was absolutely rocked the first time I saw Stevie Ray Vaughan on a televised rerun of Austin City Limits. I was just 12 years old at the time, and I was immediately hooked. I'd heard his songs on the radio but never could put a face to his voice. But there sitting on the floor of my best friends house, looking up at the TV I saw raw passion, energy, and sweat… a lot of sweat, and I was hooked. The way that man commanded the stage with his guitar was simply mesmerizing.

That was the moment.

One of the things I loved most about Stevie Ray Vaughan was his incredible sense of style. From his signature hats to his bombastic outfits, he always looked like he was having a blast on stage. But before all that Stevie was a true guitar hero, and his bluesy, soulful playing was almost like nothing the world had ever heard before. He had a way of bending and shaping phrases that made it feel like he could drive nails with his fingers. His playing was so expressive and emotional, and his solos were always full of surprises. He was also the absolute king of Guitar Face.

As I began to learn more about the guitar and the blues, I discovered just how much of an impact Stevie Ray Vaughan had on the music world. He was a true innovator who blended different styles of blues in new and exciting ways, forging his own brand of Texas blues. He inspired countless other young musicians to pick up the guitar and follow their dreams.

Today, I still listen to Stevie Ray Vaughan's music and draw inspiration from his incredible talent and passion. He will always be one of my biggest musical influences, and I feel honored to have been able to experience his music firsthand.

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